Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This entries in this weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ were, as usual top notch. For the second week in a row Rodney tops the list. Every time I see WMD mentioned I’ll be thinking of his winning entry…

1) (Rodney Dill) – “CIA documentation that they’ve found a Weapon of Mantis Destruction.

2) (Mark Pierce) – “Congratulations! Your new weblog, One Handed Iranian Mercy, has just moved up to the level of Lowly Insects in the TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem.

3) (Matthew) – “At a press conference, one of Iran’s mullahs moves to demonstrate that President Khatami has been replaced with a life-sized Pez dispenser, because everybody likes Pez.

I forgot to mention that Matthew, formerly of A Fearful Symmetry has moved, click his name to visit his new site!!!

Until Friday…

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