A Scary Sight

That’s what my mothers community (Scripps Ranch) looks like this evening. She has relocated, as have tens of thousands of others. The Interstate 15 corridor is home to the fastest growing communities in San Diego County ***.

Interstate 5, as one of the few major freeways not affected by the fire, is a virtual parking lot…

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Citizen Smash has an excellent local perspective, and makes a good point… There is almost no national media coverage of the fires in San Diego and San Bernardino.

My mom was headed up towards Carlsbad, and I’m not sure where my brother is but he is supposedly out of harms way. My sister and her husband live near the stadium and were awaiting evacuations orders. Many Chargers players live in her neighborhood, so I’m sure they are not relishing the though of leaving town tomorrow. The Monday Night Football contest between the Chargers and the Dolphins will be played in Tempe AZ.

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*** San Diego County population according to Census 2000 was 2,813,833.

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