Paintball Jihad

Thanks to a link Michele left this evening I discovered IslamicAwakening. It seems that, in addition to making like script kiddies, the enterprising mujahedeen are doting each others foreheads with paintballs. From the battle report:

Praise be to Allah who gave the Imperial Islamic Society an undisputed victory over Kings’ Islamic Society at Paintballing last Saturday […] Once the battles began, Kings stood no chance in the face of the superior tactics, formations and secret strength deployed by the Imperial team. Victory went to the Imperial brothers in both teams, but the important conclusion was that Kings suffered a crushing defeat. The final result at the end of the day: Imperial 60 points, Kings 10 points (five games to nil).

ALLAHU-AKBAR! ALLAHU-AKBAR! ALLAHU-AKBAR! Of course he was savaged in the comments…

it is nice to know that you are able to take such pride in winning a game of paintball against other muslims on the ‘battlefield’. Perhaps the muslims would be a little more victorious in making the words of Allah reign supreme on this earth if they began to look to the real ‘battlefield’ and began to fight the kuffar rather than the muslims, and began to talk about ‘death’ only when referring to the disbelievers….Jihad and the battlefield are not a joke, may Allah make all the brothers realise this and give them the courage and the opportunity to employ their ‘superior tactics, formations, and secret strength’ where they are needed and called for.

No wonder Allah complains about the mujahedeen so often.

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