Kerry Claims Missed Deal

Here’s a trial balloon from the clearly waffling Sen. Kerry, who desperately wants to appeal to the far left even though his record places him squarely among the mainstream of Democratic voters. Maybe he’s angling for Dean lite appeal, but voting for the war then coming out against it smacks of desperation.

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Senator John F. Kerry declined to provide specifics yesterday about his televised comment Monday night that French and Russian officials at the United Nations were poised to compromise with the Bush administration on the eve of the Iraq war.

In a brief interview in Manchester yesterday, Kerry said that he believed his information was solid and that he intends to focus on the issue in the coming weeks as he continues to critique President Bush’s foreign policy and attempts to distinguish himself from the eight other Democrats running for the White House.And who was the source of the alleged bomshell?

[sarcasm] A name you can trust Kofi Anan. [/sarcasm]

But I talked to Kofi Annan on the Sunday before the president decided to go to war. And I knew at that moment in time that the Russians and the French were prepared to, in fact, make a further offer. And the administration, in fact, informed Kofi Annan, Sorry, the time for diplomacy is over. Had I been president of the United States, I would have explored what those possibilities were.

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