Bonfire of the Vanities – Week 16

The Bonfire of the Vanities returns from a denial of service attack long enough to invite further fury upon it’s hosting company. The motto this week is “DOS!.” This weeks entries prove that some posts deserve to be the targets of scipt yielding terrorists. All of this weeks entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire…

Bonfire of the Vanities

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I’m fighting a real Denial Of Service attack on Hosting Matters, so this post is sort of inching to completion…

On with the attack on your senses…

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Inviting Jihasist To Snuff Out Their Flames

  • Pete has the requisite Red Sox eulogy. Destiny Of Sox.

  • The King Of Fools show why we will always win the culture wars: Whoppers and Fries. Death To Saddam.

  • Blackfive details the DOS (Denial Of Series), Cub style.

  • Jim is pooping, alert the media. Details Of Shit.

  • The Bartender squezes out another turd, Michael Moore. Ditto On Shit.

  • Dave is caught in a rather compromising position. His co-workers evidently didn’t fess up to pulling the alarm on purpose. Denial Of Shit

  • It is well documented that Susie has her days mixed up due to a “blue collar” job. Now she has her times mixed up as well. 10:00AM only feels like 8:00AM when you go to sleep at 2:00AM. Denial Of Sleep.

  • Jennifer has the “right stuff.” She’s not the Queen of Suck for nothing. Details Of Suck.

  • Bryan knows how to grab a readers attention and squeeze the pus puss out of it. Dangerous Orifice Scabs.
    (Permalink hosed – search page for “zit”)

  • Heather is cat blogging. The cat’s name is John Galt, not to be confused with Jane Galt. Details On Surgery.

  • John is not impressed with the agenda of the TV show Threat Matrix. It’s not called The Religion Of Peace” for nothing. Dreaming Of Syndication.

  • Patterico invites readers to read comment threads in which Patterico is ridiculed as a virtual illiterate. Of course if he had comments at his site you could save a lot of time

    Paintball Jihad
    Blaine's Next Stunt


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