Asshat Of The Month

It’s distressing to consider that an infant child is now subject to this lady’s violent outbursts. Child Protective Services should put her on speed dial… From Wednesday’s Washington Post:

A woman who chased a 4-year-old boy through a McDonald’s restaurant in Montgomery County, pinned him in a headlock and screamed obscenities as she smeared his face with hot french fries was sentenced yesterday to four days in jail and ordered to attend anger management and parenting classes.

Milikia Hayes, 18, of Gaithersburg was nearly nine months pregnant with her first child when the incident took place in May. The boy, whom Hayes did not know, accidentally smeared ice cream on her clothing at a McDonald’s in Germantown, authorities said. The boy had turned around while he was in line ahead of Hayes, and his ice cream touched her sleeve.

Hayes started screaming at the terrified boy, who ran from her, authorities said. After catching him, Hayes smeared “boiling hot, greasy french fries” on his face, said State’s Attorney Douglas F. Gansler.

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