Frank Howard

One of my neighbors is moving away, his name is Frank Howard.


To most of you this will mean nothing, but to me it is very sad. Frank Howard is a giant; as good hearted man as you could ever meet. He was also among the great sluggers in major league history. He owns a World Series ring (with the Dodgers) and is one of three men to hit the roof in old Tiger Stadium. He was the only bright spot on the dreadful late 60’s edition of the Washington Senators and twice accounted for more than 20% of the teams runs in a season.

He is “Hondo”, that’s the nickname for him I remember. With the Washington Senators he was known as “The Capital Punisher.” He’s also literally towered over other players of his era standing an imposing 6′ 7″.

But most of all he is Frank. He’s the 67 year old guy shoveling snow off his driveway in the winter when we exchange small talk. He’s the guy who notices my children says we’ll need to get a ball team together. He’s the guy who tells baseball stories over a beer on his deck.

I will miss being his neighbor. Even though they don’t know it yet, my boys will miss being his neighbor.

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