Roundtripin' Rap

Quislibet takes the Sir Mix-A-Lot classic “Baby Got Back” through the refractive lens of Latin in a round trip back to English. It’s pretty funny. Here is one of the signature lines from the song:

Large buttocks are pleasing to me, nor am I able to lie concerning this matter

There’s a whole lot more, but I though I would try that line (“I like big butts and I cannot lie”) out in some other languages:

I like large pistons and I cannot not be appropriate

I appreciate the great extremities and I cannot be found

I have taste of great ends and I cannot lie

I like great ends and I then not to be

I will like the big butt and i will deceive

Your turn… Pick out some other lines that roundtrip humorously. Make sure to include the original and the roundtrip translation. Go from English to the other language, then back to English. Feel free to use other famous song lyrics.

Need the original lyrics? Need a round trip translator? Try Google or Babel Fish.

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