Hosting Matters

If you’re here, then it is probably via an IP address link that a few kind souls have been nice enough to provide. The DNS has been changed and the old URL should start working tonight.

Advice for bloggers… Backup, backup backup…Also don’t forget to download your backups. They really don’t do you any good stored on the server…

By having a local backup I was able to make the move in a few hours, most of which were spent salvaging and reposting items that appeared here since 10/03/2003, the date of the last backup that I had easy access to.

I’m proud to join the legions of Hosting Matters customers. If you are disgusted with the performace of your current host, it is worth noting that they will generally match the terms and pricing of your current host to get your business. That is very cool.

Feel free to bash your current host in the comments (or my old host Verve), but Hosting Matters is off limits for now. I’ve drunk too much Kool-Aid today…

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