The Kids Are Alright

The “Suicide Rock Show” has been postponed because the webcast got hit by a denial of service. Yawn…

TAMPA, Fla. – A concert that was to feature an on-stage suicide of a terminally ill person was postponed Saturday because the Web site that was to broadcast the event was attacked, the operator of the site said Saturday.

The Web site for the band Hell on Earth was attacked Saturday evening by a flood of data from computers somewhere in Hong Kong, said Jason Trindade, the operator of a San Diego-based technology company that hosts the site.

“There’s been a huge amount of traffic which causes the server to lock up,” Trindade said.

Trindade said he was told by Hell on Earth leader Billy Tourtelot that the performance would be postponed, possibly until next weekend.

Update: A “radio host” claims to have tape of the suicide. All the more dubious is that it some clown with an Internet radio show…

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