Slow Down And Gawk At The Wreck

The Wall Street Journal notes that e-mail from 176 current and former Enron employees is available on-line for all to browse at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission iCONECT 24/7 site. As of this morning the database is unaccessible, but even after didacting 8% of the e-mail through a review by current Enron staff, plenty of personal details remain available for public inspection. Prior to the review items such as social security numbers and bank account information was available.

The old saying used to be that e-mail was not company property and that if you used it for non work purposes that it could end up being used in court proceedings (which is still true). Apparently now you will have to worry about whether private e-mails at work will end up as public record data as well. Hotmail and Yahoo Mail suddenly sound a lot better…

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