Putting The Chicken Back In McNuggets

The Washington Post notes that Chicken McNuggets will soon be all white meat. Surely somewhere Jesse Jackson is planning a protest…

CHICAGO, Oct. 5 — McDonald’s Corp. plans to introduce a new, white-meat version of its Chicken McNugget this fall.

The new McNuggets are smaller and have less fat and fewer calories than the current version, with the restaurant looking to meet a growing preference for chicken breast meat, the Chicago Tribune reported today.

Since McDonald’s first rolled out McNuggets in 1983, the product line has been one of the company’s most popular entrees, especially among children. The company said, however, that consumer tests over the past six months have shown the time is right to shift from a McNugget that is 30 percent dark meat to one that is 100 percent white meat. There is nothing more disgusting that getting one of the grizzle McNugget (one that is 30% dark meat and 70% mystery meat). Each six pack is guaranteed to have at least one of those…

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