Sex For Sam

The network that brought you “Survivor”, and “The Amazing Race”, brings you “Sex For Sam”… OK it was their radio division, but still, the Tiffany Network is a bit tarnished…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A radio contest challenging listeners to have sex in public places for a free trip to Boston’s Sam Adams Brewery has won the broadcasters a $357,500 fine, federal regulators said on Thursday.

The Federal Communications Commission proposed the fine after ruling that 13 stations owned by a Viacom Inc. unit violated federal indecency standards when they aired, on Aug. 15, 2002, the “Opie & Anthony Show,” which ran the contest.

The show was canceled almost immediately after the contest aired, which included broadcasts of five couples purportedly having sex and descriptions of other sexually explicit activity in famous New York locales like St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center.In an unrelated, but thoroughly ironic story, the man involved in the sex act died suddenly.

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