A Beginners Guide To Getting Your Ass Kicked

The Detroit News has an article on a student not allowed to wear an anti-Bush T-shirt at school.

Dearborn High School was wrong to ban a student from wearing a T-shirt that labeled President Bush an “international terrorist,” a federal judge ruled Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Patrick Duggan issued a preliminary injunction allowing senior Bretton Barber to wear the black T-shirt.I say let him wear it, just watch out for the Young Republican club or a gym class game of “warball.” [Ed: We played with volleyballs and one of the pitchers from the baseball team threw 95 MPH fastballs] Have medical professionals handy…

During my senior year in high school, after a ski trip to Vail, I wore this shirt to school…

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I was invited to leave school that day. I tried to explain that it was a legitamate commerical enterprise. The principal didn’t seem to care…

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