Baby Inflation

Baby birthday parties are big business. Over the past few years we’ve been to an increasing number of events that are not inexpensive affairs. I imagine it gets worse as your children get older. My term for all of this is Baby Inflation. You can spend more that the average yearly income of 95% of the inhabitants of the planet on feeding, clothing, and entraining a child with little to show for it.

Prices for all things baby are seriously draining. The cost of pre-school rivals that of tuition at a junior college. I don’t imagine that the AP exams have a finger painting or playing nice with other section, so the return on pre-school investment seems pretty poor. I’m not saying that pre-school is bad or worthless, just that the costs are as out of control as college tuition. I may have to start a pre-school 529 plan…

Anyway all this is an excuse to show a picture from my boys 2nd birthday party last month…

Note: I’m invoking a rule I’ve seen elsewhere. The picture accompanies the story for as long as I see fit. It will be removed with no warning. The post will remain.

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