FCUK Banned

A mom is “shocked” at an add in Seventeen magazine that displays the initials of the French Connection United Kingdom (FCUK) fragrance company. One can only assume that here hand is covering the scarlet letters FCUK. If that is the case they surely are not the dominant wording on the page as only small portion of the page is hidden.

The self appointed, Tipper Gore wannabe,”shocked” parent obviously lives under a rock. Probably 10 other adds in that edition of Seventeen are racier, and a quick glance through Cosmo shows adds with partial nudity both female and male.

Harris’s complaint spurred Pat Mashburn, who is Knox County Schools’ coordinator of Instructional Materials and Library Services, to direct 19 middle and high schools to review their subscriptions to Seventeen.

Here’s another book they can ban: The Sith War. You see if you rearrange Sith it spells Shit, and we all know how dirty that is.

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