It's Going To Be A Shitty Afternoon In DC

Wilson Bridge Closed Temporarily For Repairs. The Wilson Bridge is among other things part of Interstate 95 and one of two major points (there are a few other inside the beltway crossings) to cross the Potomac. Given the circumference of the beltway is somewhere around 75 miles it’s a non-trivial task to reroute your commute home to the American Legion bridge.

My 4+ hour 10 mile trip from the last major bridge closing is still fresh in my memory and that was only 5 years ago. It took some people 12+ hours to get home, and babies were born in the gridlock, etc. There was hardly any media hype during that little crisis, not.

At the time I lived in Alexandria, Virginia and was coming home from Maryland. If I still lived in Alexandria I would be without shelter and power so I’d probably be off the roads today anyway. Small consolation for those former neighbors…

Sorry to the outside the beltway folks for boring you with this information. If it makes you feel any better; your Congressmen and Senators will probably be caught in the snarl of traffic as well.

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