Power Is Back

Blogging to resume in a few minutes…

That was the most pathetic excuse for a hurricane I’ve ever seen… A lot of hype for what in the DC area amounted to a decent rain storm.

Put it this way – When 2 two year olds and your wife sleep through it, it’s not much of a storm is it?

On the plus side, putting very low odds on getting to see the premiere of Survivor seems to have worked. It played in it’s entirety.

Update: Howard Kurtz on the media hype:

“The truth is that TV, especially local TV, loves hurricanes, because it’s a chance to trot out the team coverage and ride the gale-force winds to higher ratings on an event that affects everyone. Until, that is, the power lines go down and many of the viewers can no longer watch the overheated coverage.”

I’ve managed to avoid media coverage almost entirely. I feel much calmer as a result…

Update 2: Shell is checking in on the Axis of Isabel bloggers. I’ll be visiting her post throughout the day to see who had it bad.

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