Isabel Update

Bill Cimino says “when life hands you hurricanes, make hurricade.” On a more serious topic he notes that upwards of 400,000 residents of North Carolina and Virginia are without power. This I fear is in my future as well. I’m storing up posts in draft mode just in case.

WindRider has a nice graphic of the storm from the satellites. Nice is a relative term, if you’re in the path of the storm there is nothing “nice” about it.

Meryl and I discussed the merits of going to Heidi’s house, in the end I think the covered garage available at Heidi’s won out. My contention is that uncovered automobiles will bear the brunt of this storm. As Bill said, “Love is in the air…[as] are branches, leaves and yield signs.” Those newly flight worthy objects will be looking for cars to pummel.

Byran made us the nice logo, which I shrunk a little.

At Casa de Wizbang the garage was cleared by yours truly this morning to allow us to get the second car in. We’ve got food, water, candles, and UPS’s. Hopefully we won’t need to use the candles or UPS’s. As of this moment there is no rain in the DC area, just overcast sky’s. My digital camera is at the ready, and if I can’t take any good pictures there’s always Photoshop. This morning was “trash day” in our neighborhood so I expect to see some flying trash bins.

Be safe…

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