Color Me Unimpressed

James Joyner linked to a WTOP article detailing a forced evacuation in my old neighborhood. The first home I ever owned was in Belle View and I lived there for 7 years. I always wondered in the proximity to the Potomac would be an issue. I just saw my old street on the news…

As of now I’m not impressed. I am however glad we moved a few years ago to higher ground and a new house.

Another great thing about living in a new neighborhood is that none of the trees are more than 5 years old. No chance of a big tree crashing into our house.

Update: As of 11:30PM we are now right in the middle of the remnants of Isabel. It should be long gone before we wake up, and I’m still not impressed. I did just see one of my old Belle View neighbors in a Red Cross shelter on the news. Man am I glad we moved. Of course that was 4 years ago, but even still…

The biggest danger in my county? Shoddy construction in some new developments leading to flying siding or leaks.

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