Bonfire of the Vanities – Week 11

The Bonfire of the Vanities returns as ferouciously bad as the latest Madonna incarnation. The motto this week is “I’ll Take Really Bad Ideas For $600, Alex“. All of this weeks entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire…

Bonfire of the Vanities

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On with the oink-fest…

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Leading The Thirsty To A Sand Oasis

  • Elliot tells a Palestinian joke that’s somehow manages to offend no one. Style points for poor taste were awarded by the judges. Apparently the French judge agreed to laugh at the joke in exchange for Russian support on the Mohammed Atta joke.
  • Jon attempts a risky maneuver by connecting Girls Gone Wild with Shakespeare. No one has ever successfully pulled of this difficult combo move, and Jon maintains the blogosphere’s winless streak…
  • Blackfive attempts to pick between the bad (Cubs) and worse (White Sox). Wisely he avoids placing anything besides his sobriety on the line, lest something like this happen.
  • She got an Instalanche? She must have S&M bondage pictures of Glenn or something.
  • In a worthwhile cause (championing Warren Zevon for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Laurence suggests that the nominating committee be hunted like pigs. No word on where the now missing last paragraph went. You missed that last paragraph? As I recall there was a detailed description of the hunt, and the cleaning and gutting of the prey.
  • Sean attempts to mollify the gods of the Bonfire with pitiful self sacrifice. The gods were angered until they realized that the requirement that the sacrificed be a virgin was still meet.
  • Phelps unfortunately disappeared just after submitting his showcase vote. There’s probably no truth to the rumor that was put through a wood chipper and served in a frosted smoothie cup. <<Burp!>>
  • Romulus couldn’t quite bring himself to come up with a suck ass post. Instead he offers this. Let’s not get in the habit of Good Samaritan-ness, this is the blogoshpere after all.
  • Pete commits the cardinal sin in Blog War (other than taking it seriously); he prematurely gloats. They’ve got treatments for that premature situation now
    Fun With Job Boards
    Crotchless Diapers - The Musical

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