Items I’ve been meaning to mention…

  • Electric Venom hosts The Hunting of the Snark, a collection of the snarkiest posts of the week.
  • Begging To Differ has arranged for several online comics (including Day By Day, Achewood, Squaresville and others) to run their strips on Begging To Differ this Sunday. Put it on your to do list for the weekend.
  • Judicious Asininity has a collection of news from the troops in Iraq, directly from a mailing list for the 4th Infantry Division and their families. You won’t find this stuff in any news report.
  • Watcher of Weasels is recruiting for one more blogger to fill out the roster of his Watcher’s Council.
  • SportsBlog got mentioned in King Kaufman’s column at Salon – if and you’re not a subscriber, just click on the “free day pass” to access the column.

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