Political Suicide?

Howard Dean may have lost the Democratic nomination in the last few days even as the buzz about his frontrunner status makes news.

Dean has adopted an as yet un-retracted position that favors nuetrality towards Israel in the conflict with Palestinians. Democratic rivals were quick to pounce on him. Scratch primary victories in New York and Florida from the Dean column.

So far Lieberman and Kerry have called Dean out as a neophyte on foreign affairs. Expect the soon to announce Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark to offer himself as an alternative liberal voice with experience in foreign affairs. I would be shocked if he doesn’t publicly criticize Dean in the next day or two.

A combination of Clark entering the race and sapping mainstream support and new lasting Anti-Israel meme will doom Dean.

This morning I labeled Dean a socialist, just to see if I could make it stick. Today he hung the anti-Israel tag on himself, regardless of how his supporters try to spin this. It’s going to be a long winter for Dean, as the spotlight shows the candidate to a wider audience; warts and all…

Update: Lieberman and Kerry have an opening to pound Dean into irrelevance on foreign affairs. The bigger question is, will either of them capitalize on it?

Update 2: When you see Clark on Bill Maher, Hardball with Chris Matthews, etc. trying out his campaign themes it’s a sure sign that he’ll be joining the field soon. Of course he was on those shows this week doing just that.

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