NewThink Conventional Wisdom

It’s blog laboratory experimentation time. I’ve decided that it’s time to see if the blogosphere has the power to create a new meme that filters it’s way into the mainstream media.

Because people are basically sheep, and seem to be incapable of independent though (let alone research an issue) I’ve decided to make stuff up about politicians and see if I can make it stick. This is a proven strategy (see the “Bush lied” crowds antics).

Today’s NewThink Conventional Wisdom (NCW) nugget: Howard Dean is a socialist.

Repeat over and over until it becomes conventional wisdom. Howard Dean should always be referred to as a socialist, and examples of his socialist plans should be noted. If you can’t find a position of his that is strictly socialist, feel free to invent one for him. Other sites are strongly encouraged to extend and expand the mythology around this new bit of conventional wisdom. I promise to be a little more inventive in my next NCW nugget.

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