Permaroll Contest Update

This weeks Permaroll contest winner is Jen. Jen knocked off the Alliance blog that Susie runs. Links were calculated from Technorati and the TTLB Ecosystem. The tabulation system is changing for next week; see below for details.

Permaroll Contest Details

Contestants are competing for a spot on the Permaroll list on the left sidebar alongside the luminaries of the blogosphere. Their link will remain for one week and be re-awarded each Friday. Anyone with a blog can enter.

How To Enter?

Link to Wizbang. Link to individual posts or the site itself. Anything that gets captured by the Ecosystem. Pinging posts multiple times is high discouraged.

How Do You Win?

Whoever has the most Ecosystem detail links on each Friday wins. It’s as easy as that.

New Tabulation Rules

TTLB is back running at full steam, so since it is much easier to count links there, the Permaroll spot will be based on Ecosystem links only. Basically I can cut and paste the detail listing into Excel then sort alphabetically and easily see who has the most links.

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