Pizza Delivery Man Goes Boom

This case is straight out of a Hollywood movie. In the article it is noted that another pizza deliveryman was found dead at his home of an apparent overdose. Didn’t CSI:Miami have a plot line like this recently? Anyway it is really bizzare… – The pizza delivery man killed when a bomb locked around his neck exploded following a bank robbery was most likely not working alone when he pulled off the heist, investigators now believe.

FBI agent Ken McCabe said today on ABCNEWS’ Good Morning America that evidence has investigators leaning more toward the theories that Brian Wells was either a willing participant in the robbery, or was forced into committing the robbery by someone who put the bomb on his neck.

“We have moved a little bit further away from initially thinking that he was doing this by himself, where the facts and evidence are leading us into a direction that there may have been other people involved,” McCabe said.

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