Goodbye To PLA

I became aware of Dwight Meredith’s P.L.A. – A Journal of Politics, Law and Autism in the weeks before this years Blogathon. Dwight was a sponsor and supporter of all of the sites blogging for autism charities, and I am deeply grateful for his substantial help and kind support. Unfortunately after a little over a year in existence, Dwight is stopping PLA.

Dwight’s recent assessment of the issues facing the mother in the case of the autistic child who was killed in a religious ceremony illustrates the void in reasoned opinion that his exit from the blogosphere will leave. Agree or disagree with him, his posts were always well written. I do hope that the longer essays he wants to write will find a spot at a group blog.

Good luck, and godspeed with whatever you decide to do next Dwight.

Noted via – The Daily Rant

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