David Blaine Self Mutilation Watch

There is a picture in the article below that purportedly shows Blaine with a piece of his ear cut off.

Sky News – Illusionist David Blaine appeared to cut off part of his ear to publicise his next headline-grabbing stunt. Asked whether he had any new tricks, he took a knife from a group of journalists at a press conference and hacked away at his own ear.

Grimacing in pain and with what appeared to be blood spurting down his face, the subdued star was led away from the stage by his aides. He appeared a few minutes later with what looked like part of his ear missing.It’s probably just a trick involving some cleverly placed two sided tape. I’m sure Penn Jillete will show us how the trick was done at some point. Blaine did manage to get the attention of the British tabloid press…

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