BJ And The Bear Remake

Dateline Hollywood – Glenn Reynolds and Frank J. The Chimp set to star in a big budget remake for Fox.

BJ And The Bear is the story of B.J. McCay (Glenn Reynolds) is a good-looking young trucker who travelers around the country in his big red and white rig, with a single companion, his chimp Bear (Frank J The Chimp). Although he logs a lot of miles, B.J. is based in rural Georgia, where he is confronted by a corrupt local sheriff Elroy P. Lobo and his two fellow lawmen, Sheriffs Cain and Masters.

The storyline from the TV series has been modernized and altered slightly in that the relationship between McCay and Bear is more complicated. Said Fox spokesman, “There’s a father/son battle going on between BJ and Bear even as they are pursued by the police.”

Early rumors from the set indicate that the surprise plot twist may involve the normally zany chimp turning on BJ and selling him out to the police for a crate of bananas. The pictures climax is said to be a confrontation leading to one of the characters demise. The outcome is still secret but since Fox has secured the services of Reynolds for the planned sequels, and not resigned Frank J The Chimp insiders suspect The Bear character is killed off. Insiders predict that BJ will end up solo or paired with a new partner in the sequels. Frank J, who has no other acting prospects, has been sent back to his cage at the Fresno petting zoo.

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