President Schwarzenegger?

Today’s biggest waste of time poll comes from CNN. They asked a nationwide sample about voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger in their state and amending the constitution to allow non-native US citizens to hold the Presidency. The results are as boring as the premise…

Schwarzenegger is running for Governor in California, and is barred from holding the Presidency. How Alabama, for example, voters feel about the Schwarzenegger candidacy is real low on my list of useful information to know. Given that we haven’t amended the constitution in my 39 years, asking people how they feel about that topic is sort of pointless too. Congress and state legislatures make that decision, not the electorate directly.

It’s CNN, USA TODAY, and Gallup’s money, but the whole endeavor seems like a pointless waste of time. Come to think of it the recall election fits that description too.

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