New Viruses And Patches

Bigwig notes the laundry list of new viruses that appear today. Update your virus definitions promptly and pay a visit to Windows Update for good measure. It used to be that a weekly LiveUpdate for Norton was sufficient, but now twice a week or even daily is a much better option.

As far as Windows patches go, regardless of whether you have high speed or dial-up Internet access you ABSOLUTELY NEED to be using the Windows Automatic Update feature. If you’ve never heard of this feature you’re probably not set to use it. Automatic Update offers automated downloads (and optionally installation) of critical security patches for Windows and Internet Explorer.

The Automatic Update feature can be accessed on Windows XP systems by right clicking on My Computer, clicking Properties, the clicking on the Automatic Updates tab. If you do not have a desktop My Computer icon use the System option under the Performance Maintenance category in the Windows Control Panel.

If you have dial-up access change the settings to notify you of new critical updates, but not to automatically download them. You will be prompted when new critical patches are available. If you have high speed access choose to either automatically download or automatically download and install.

Anyone who got hit by the Blaster worm should now know that they would have have avoided infection had they been using the Automatic Update option as a patch for the RPC vulnerability was available. Microsoft is actually considering making the service settings default to on in future versions of Windows. This idea is getting generally good reviews even by the harshest Microsoft critics.

On a side note, a quick look into my blogroll indicated I still had the Hraka listed at the old BlogSpot address. Pathetic blogroll maintenance on my part, as they are a daily read. Switching to reading blogs primarily via RSS reader has had a negative impact on my blogroll maintenance. If I could easily integrate my newsreaders RSS feed list and my blogroll that would solve a lot of maintenance problems.

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