Blushing Bride

Quick Tips For A Successful Wedding Reception

Do:: Have An Open Bar
Don’t: Invite trailer trash…

In this case they were behind the eight ball to start with. Can’t you just hear the, “but it’s my wedding night” whine…

8/19/03 – SOUTH WINDSOR, CT) – The bride’s honeymoon suite turned out to be a jail cell.

Adrienne T. Samen, 18, was arrested on criminal mischief and breach of peace charges on her wedding day, last Saturday, Aug. 16. Samen and her wedding party allegedly went on a rampage during a drunken reception at the Mill on the River restaurant after the marriage ceremony. Even after last call, the guests continued to take bottles of liquor from behind the bar, Wolf said. He claimed the blushing bride became enraged when he told them all to leave. Samen allegedly threw vases and pieces of her wedding cake.

“I think the highlight of the whole thing was her straddling the white Bronco that her groom was driving,” said Eric Jubenvilld, a waiter at the restaurant.
“I can’t really get into the details of what she had said but it was pretty much along the lines of ‘I cannot believe I married you. I cannot believe I did this.’ “

Update: Police photo of the inebriated bride in her wedding dress.

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