Bonfire of the Vanities – Week 7

The Bonfire of the Vanities like a raging western brush fire! The motto this week is “Throw Another Blog On The Bonfire“. All of this weeks entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire…

Bonfire of the Vanities

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On with the suckfest…

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Illuminating The Blogosphere With Their Flaming Entrails

  • Adam, who has run out of supermodel pictures, is reduced to blogging about the possible scientific proof of a real Bigfoot. Next up a he will prove that the moon landing never happened and that Elvis is still alive.
  • Tiger enters his 5 questions in the blogging mass delusional meme of overblown self-importance craze that just won’t die despite repeated attempt to kill it. Seems fitting
    Rachel's New Digs
    U.N. Bombed In Iraq


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