Jen Strikes

Another force opposes the marmoset ways of Frank J. The Axis of Naughty has stuck a blow for capitalism and scored a victory against the monkey forces of Frank J. by becoming a BlogAd sponsor at The NetFlix Blog Presented By Frank J.

According to Jen – The Axis of Naughty welcomes everyone, regardless of your stance on Puppy Blending or Hobo Smiting. Our motto is Free Permalinks for All! And in that regard, I would like to encourage everyone in the Axis to link to other members of the Axis. After all, BlogWars are about the oil links!

Update: I forgot to mention the Axis of Kevins as a part of the great crusade. The Kevins show that right and left all hail to the king of links.

Last Bonfire Reminder
No Cameras At Peterson Hearing


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