I sent Joanie a message Friday hoping she would delete the comment and nip it all in the bud. My message to Joanie was along the lines that she should delete the comment at her site, that I knew Kate’s daughter had made it, and that I was on an AIM chat with Kate until an hour or so before the daughter made the comment. In the past I had urged Kate to remain silent when the whole “those poor kids” thing started.

Joanie had the power to end this by deleting the comment, yet she and Greg played it to the hilt, which finally drove me over the edge and off the sidelines. This has been very painful for me, because I like both of these women. Honestly I wish the would both ban each other from each others sites and move on, but the situation did go “off the Internet” and just because you didn’t make the call doesn’t absolve you of some level of responsibility.

I believe that Joanie was not involved in the call, but she damn sure bears responsibility for not taking an apology and deleting a comment. I knew the whole story about Kate’s daughter finally fessing up to reading her e-mail all summer, but was not at liberty to share it.

Either way she (and Crazy Tracy) have been reading things into Kate’s posts for months. I challenge you to find a site that mentions Kate where she does not show up in the comments… They’ve been advocating just this kind of hairbrained call by spreading gossip and untruths. The fact that she publicized this whole blowup and hosted the incendiary comments is sort of telling, don’t you think?

She could have easily stopped this before it started. She would not, so she is guilty at a minimum of flame fanning. Only CPS knows who called. Again, I take Joanie at her word that she was not involved in the call, but as the listing below shows it’s not hard for a nutjob to connect the dots as to her hatred for Kate.

I’ve collected a sampling of DaGoddess collection of Kate bashing, as they are more powerful when viewed as a whole. You decide if she had it in for Kate, and if the fuel for a nutjob was spread. Note the frequent presence of another health professional “Tracy”.

I’ll let her comments (and those of a few others) speak for themselves…

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Links go to the post so you can read for yourself, in context…

From this post at DaGoddess

I’d think blaming one’s child for things a parent did while in a drunken fit of rage would be something child protective services would like to know about, don’t you?

cleannose August 15, 2003 03:08 PM

A 12-year old can’t spell “her”? A 12-year old has that much hatred in her that she flings about words like “white trash,” “dirty slut” and “dirty rotten filthy bitch”? Just want kind of children is this Venomous Kate person raising? And how is it that this “12-year-old” can’t spell “blog” but can spell “venomous”? Blog is a phonetic word. She would’ve spelled it right on a guess.

There is much to fear here, folks. This Venomous Kate character is a fucking psycho nutbag. Trust me on this. There is major borderline personality disorder playing out here. Add alcohol. I fear for this woman’s children. Fucking crazy ass bitch.

Tracy August 16, 2003 08:03 AM

From Velociworld

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