Mistake By The Lake

Sometimes is takes a disaster to expose the soft underbelly of a vulnerable system. In this case the powergrid will be subject of endless hearings and commissions. If we’re lucky they won’t assign responsibility for it to the TSA.

A failure to contain problems with three transmission lines in northern Ohio just south of Cleveland was the likely trigger of the nation’s biggest power blackout, a leading investigator says.

Alarm systems that might have alerted engineers to the failed lines were broken, according to FirstEnergy Corp., the Akron, Ohio-based utility that officials said owned at least two of the three lines.

It was not immediately clear whether that impeded efforts to isolate the local line disruptions, some of which occurred an hour before power system shutdowns cascaded Thursday from Michigan to New York City and into Canada.

Read the full story: Ohio Alarms Failed Ahead of Blackout

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