Microsoft: 'Blaster' Virus Looks Like Dud

Tell that “dud” story to everyong who got hit by the virus. I’m sure they’ll be so happy for you Bill… NOT!

SEATTLE (AP) – The second wave of an Internet attack by the “blaster” worm barely caused a ripple Saturday. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) said it had no major problems from the worm’s attempt to turn thousands of infected computers into instruments targeting the software company’s Web site and network.

The Redmond-based company had not noticed any extraordinary network congestion, spokesman Sean Sundwall said. There were also no reports of customers having major problems accessing the targeted Web site, which houses a software patch that fixes the flaw exploited by the worm. “So far we have seen no impact on our Web sites or any other Web sites due to the ‘blaster’ worm,” Sundwall said.

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