The Stand

Having secured yet another great victory for the forces of truth, justice, and freedom; it is worth examining the enemy camp in dissary…

These two bulwarks of the blogosphere (Misha and Frank) are claiming the moral high ground in this battle. Even a cursory look at ther blogs reveals the dark forces lurking below. Both sites are cloaked in darkness, shadows, and vicious animals. I advise you to look closely for the mark of the beast, becase it is surely lurking there. For those of you who read or watched “The Stand” by Stephen King consider that your sudden urge to travel to Las Vegas is not a good sign. Frank J. is your Randall Flagg.

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Frank J. Flagg

And look Flagg has got poor Susie held hostage ***

To those who are feeling mysteriously drawn to the Hemingford Home, in Nebraska, I submit that Glenn Reynolds is your Mother Abigail and Wizbang is your Free Zone in Colorado. If you’re heading to Colorado we will meet up at Stephen Green’s house for some faboulous food and drink. We’ll plot strategy and such and on occasion be treated to the words of Mother Abigail, although they will occasionally be hard to decipher. Joined in the cause are the forces marshaled by Jen and graphically enabled by Rachael.

In The Stand, Glen Bateman may have put it best. “We’re here under the fiat of powers we don’t understand. For me, that means we may be beginning to accept-only subconsciously now, and with plenty of slips backward due to culture lag-a different definition of existence. The idea that we can never understand anything about the state of being. And if rationalism is a deathtrip, then irrationalism might very well be a lifetrip . . . at least unless it proves otherwise.”

Surveying a glorious victory…

Glenn and Kevin return triumphant from Las Vegas.

*** The picture applies to: Ith, Annika, Serenity, etc…

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