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From Wizbang Tech:

I’ve decided to make the front end of the Stand Alone Trackback Pinger available to whoever wants it in HTML form so you can add it to your site if you so desire. Here’s a 1K zip file of the HTML page for you to play with. You need to use all the fields and should not exceed the widths of the form fields, although you may be able to use less. The form submits to my ASP page to do the processing for you, but this way you don’t have to send people off site to use it. If you find a particularly good way to use it, let the rest of us know…

Sorry I can’t really provide much support for you should you choose to use this HTML code. Feel free to add it to your site and rearrange or edit whatever you want. Keeping the bookmarklet and logo link would be appreciated… Keep any eye on BlogHunter who is working on an off site implementation.

Thanks to Kate and James for publicizing this tool recently… You guy’s inspired me to update the code a bit.

Update: I forgot to mention the other good pingy news; that BlogHunter is hosting a “Blog Service Pinger” update notification tool originally developed by Geek Ramblings. Check it out!

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