Blogging Kevins™ (August 2003)

So what’s up in the world of blogging Kevins?

Well this month we, as a group, are addressing one topic: the recall election in California. Think of it like a Blogger Flash Mob, but instead of acting like a bunch of idiots at the anointed moment; we are providing a valuable public service by blogging on one topic.

Here is what the all powerful Blogging Kevins™ have to say on this matter:

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This Kevin details how candidates can earn his “good Democrat” vote in the recall election.
This Kevin thinks all Schwarzenegger needs is a petina of seriousness on policy to win.
This Kevin is MIA on the left’s take on the issue.
This Kevin cares more about the late-night election jokes, than the actual election.
This Kevin warns Democrats not to underestimate Schwarzenegger like they did with Bush.
This Kevin doesn’t think Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Nazi.
This Kevin has the election version of the movie poster TOTAL RECALL.
This Kevin believes Doc Searls should be a candidate.
This Kevin notes the candidacy of porn star Mary Carey approvingly.
This Kevin still is not allowed to blog by his employer (CNN) or he’d probably throw in his .02 cents.
This Kevin chastises Andrew Sullivan for gushing over Arnold as a “hard-ass Republican”
This Kevin has the perfect words of wisdom for Arnold
This Kevin notes that a 19 year old Cal student named Elizabeth Swayney is a candidate.
This Kevin notes one celebrity who is not running anymore – the star of The Gods Must Be Crazy.
This Kevin fights spam, especially Arnold related spam. OK I made that last part up…
This Kevin decided to visit California.
This Kevin still writes in squiggles. If a video game version is produced he’ll review it.
This Kevin is active on MetaFilter where they talk about the recall election incessantly.
This Kevin notes the funniest fake Arnold interview yet.
This Kevin notes that the good news is that the Kobe story will no longer lead the news.
This Kevin has a note on digital campaigning, perhaps this will be used in this election.
This Kevin is confused by the Warren Buffet factor.
This Kevin has a ton of prescription for what ails the Democrats.
This Kevin provides a little Arnold satire for us.
This Kevin (me) wrote this list has the latest NBC/MSNBC election poll.

That about covers everything you need to know about the recall election. The Blogging Kevins™ hope you are enriched by the experience.

Didn’t Get The Recall Election Memo

A few of our brethren didn’t or couldn’t address the topic, but since they are Kevins they deserve mention in the list named for them anyway.

This Kevin still recovering from back problems. The rest of the Kevins send their well wishes.
This Kevin has a photo blog now, with no election picture unfortunately..
This Kevin must be preparing for the fall semester.
This Kevin has but one thing on his mind and that is football.
This Kevin has the same football mania problem.
This Kevin does drunk chicks for what it’s worth.
This Kevin is posting about the Blaster worm, which is also big news.

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