Wizbang Mailing List

While I should have been finishing up the Bonfire, instead I was donking around with a new toy for Wizbang…

I present my superiorly lame mailing list manager ***. It’s actually not lame, but it seems sort of goofy for a blog to have a mailing list.

What it is really there for is for Bonfire Of The Vanities reminders. Starting now, reminder messages will only go to the mailing list subscribers. If you are a current, past, or potential future participant and want a 24 hour heads up on the deadline please sign up. Trying to manage that list in Outlook was driving me nuts…

I added a Tech Tips list as well that I promise to occasionally send messages to as well (if anyone actually subscribes). Since I’ve invested a good half hour of my life in the thing I’m open to suggestions for other ways to use it, as I am drawing a blank.

*** Opens in a separate window because I was too lazy to build breadcrumb navigation back to this page.

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