Fun With Server Logs

It’s been a while since I had some fun with the server logs… James Joyner noted that he’s getting a lot of links for “britney spears british elle” just for pointing out that I had the picture up here. Well that’s high on my list as well, but I thought I would spotlight the “What The Hell Were They Thinking” search phrases first.

Freakish Search Phrases

mother spanks
sue bird lesbian
ass watcher sasha
santorum lube fecal matter
ksenia vidyaykina trapped
toilet monkey
nuts balls testicles man -she -her -girl -women -woman -girls
cat .sniffer still works
texas senate cookies
white trash trailer trash girls
flash mob rug love

And the most obscure:

star wars jedi golf ball retriever

Now on to the top search phrases for the month that lead the unsuspecting to Wizbang:

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cat schwartz 88
britney spears british elle 58
cat schwartz naked 45
british elle britney spears 40
hunting bambi 35
survivor playboy 33
real world san diego 29
mary-kate olsen nude with no and i mean no clothes on 24
verizon strike update 23
html text effects 21
britney spears british elle pictures 20
cat schwartz photoshop 20
paintball bambi 19
heidi survivor playboy 17
jenna morasca playboy pictures 17
british elle britney spears pictures 16
heidi strobel playboy pictures 16
verizon scabs 15
puppetry of the penis 15
britney spears topless 15

Naked chicks, naked chicks, penises and scabs (but not together) seem to be the answer to the questions the world is asking…

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  5. Scarlett July 27, 2004