It’s Official August IS Navel Gazing Month™

I’ve had some conversations recently with various bloggers wherein we all bemoan the summer blahs. The high point of the weekend was a furious round of blogger self flagellation sparked by Cornelia. The blogger interview fad appears to be over though, pity I never got around to participating.

Spoons and Alphecca weigh in with an equally appropriate topic for Navel Gazing Month™, blogroll segragation. The other 11 months out of the year we can discuss racial and gender segregation, but August is reserved for blogroll segregation.

Heck I’ll weigh in on that polarizing topic… I’m in favor of being blogrolled any old way. If you put me in your suck-ass bloggers category I’ll take it as a compliment. I’ve been listed at diverse sites as liberal and conservative, humorous and serious, technical and non-technical. Doesn’t bother me a bit. I will agree with Jeff on one point however, it does seem a bit rude to classify blogs as seldomly read or not worth a visit. Why bother mentioning things that fit that description?

My site has been blogrolled as: Wizbang! (correct), Wizbang (also correct), Whizbang, WizbangTech, WizbangBlog, Kevin the Wiz, etc… While I’d love for them all to get it right I don’t have the time or energy to go around asking them to updated their listing. Plus some people like to have fun with their blogrolls, who am I to tell them how to run THEIR blogrolls.

My contribution to Navel Gazing Month™ will appear later this week in the form of the first blogger Flash Mob. Me and all the other Kevins are going to show those news whoring 20-somethings how to do it correctly though.

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