Calling All Kevins

It’s almost time for the August edition of Blogging Kevins. Rather than merely reporting on the doings of all of the multitudes of Kevins in the blogosphere, I think it is time that we as a group address a topic in the news. In honor of the list founder Kevin Drum, I’ve picked a subject that is near and dear to his heart – The recall election.

So blogging Kevins, this should be an easy assignment: Post on the topic of the California recall election, if you haven’t already. Send me a link to the post you want highlighted. If I don’t hear from you I will be visiting and looking for such a post. I’d like to run the article Thursday, so get me your link by Wednesday at the latest.

Kevins not listed in last months Blogging Kevins, please do submit as well and you’ll be added to the list. Non Kevins, spread the word to the special Kevins in your life.

This should be interesting…

* In case you are thinking that the lack of an apostrophe in Kevins is incorrect, see this helpful grammar reminder.

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