Flash Mobs

From: The Sun Online

A bizarre group stunt called Flash-Mob is about to hit Britain after sweeping the world from the US to Japan. Flash-Mob began in New York less than two months ago when about 200 people, mostly in their 20s and 30s, crowded into the card section of a bookshop pretending to look for a card for “Bill”. On cue, they burst into spontaneous applause.

For Christ sake get a fucking job… Perhaps you can all bring your digital cameras or photo enabled cell phones and record the whole retarded affair. Then your asshatted anonymous leader can stitch all the pictures together into a photolog of some such shit. Oops, my bad, you’re already doing that. That just reinforces my point that you should get a job or go back to class…

Flash-Mob groups meet in public locations and perform wacky, harmless stunts for a few minutes – after being alerted by email, text or through websites.

Suicide bombers operate the same way. Coincidence? I think not. It’s only a matter of time before the peace loving Indymedia types decide that their little “mobs” should be more than a wacky stunt.

No sooner have they gathered than the crowds disperse and disappear, leaving bystanders baffled as to precisely what they have just witnessed.

Most observers just assume that the “Students For Dean” membership is trying to recruit new members by ganging up on them.

In June, a Flash-Mob crowded into New York’s famous Macy’s department store and surrounded a large oriental rug, telling puzzled staff they all lived together and wanted the

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