Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

The Weekend Caption Contest™ has concluded. The winning entries were:

1st: Graham Lester, “Senator Roberts then produced a satellite image of a black-robed and emaciated Saddam accompanied by his third son, Ali Hussein, who has apparently undergone substantial surgery.”

2nd: Kin, “Fatima! I told you that the thong was more appropriate!”

3rd: Laurence Simon, “May Allah bless you, my child, with skin cancer.”Thanks for all the entries. Pretty much every caption spent some time on the top three list as I was writing this post…

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Outside The Beltway Caption Contest (George W. Bush Edition)

Michele at a small victory narrowed the field in the worst movie ever made contest down to three. Your vote is needed in the poll to see which of the three awful movies should receive the Kazaam award. Hint: Sgt. Peppers.

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  1. Tiger August 3, 2003
  2. B.O. Blivion August 4, 2003