Advice For Fritz

Pud (Philip Kaplan) the man who runs F*** has a quasi blog at Ask Pud. The reason I even bring this up is that Fritz, at On the Fritz, has some asshat amatuer pornographer threatening him. Phil is a pro when it comes to tweaking the noses of big corporations, and he goes way beyond anything found in the blogosphere. I found this on his site…

Q: Pud, how many times have you been sued?

A: Though I have received hundreds of “cease & desist” letters and other legal correspondence from individuals, corporations, and even the government (including the FBI, NYPD, and US Secret Service), I have only been sued once. For playing the drums too loud (unrelated to is Internet activities).

Fritz, people with big time lawyers do not conduct their business via e-mail. Assmonkey pornographers do operate via e-mail…

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