Type Pad Pricing

Anil Dash linked to the Type Pad Features and Pricing announcement. Signups start late Monday night or early Tuesday morning depending on your geographical location.

I have to say that overall it looks like a pretty good deal, with one exception. The bandwidth limits look a little low. Based on my July traffic of 30,000 visits and 3GB of bandwidth used, I estimate it that 10,000 visits equals 1GB of bandwidth. By that measure I would have been required to use the Pro version, and even that would not have been enough. My hosting package at Verve Hosting was $5 a month for 3GB of bandwidth (which I’ve since upgraded to a $10 plan with 10GB a month bandwidth). I’d estimate that 300 or so visitors a day would exhaust you bandwidth on the cheapest plan.

Here’s the monthly pricing and associated bandwidth you get:

Basic ($4.95) – 1 GB
Plus ($8.95) – 2 GB
Pro ($14.95) – 3 GB

Overall I think adding 1GB to each plan would be an improvement, but that’s just my opinion.

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