Permaroll Spot Up For Grabs Again

It’s Friday and that means one spot on the Permaroll list is up for grabs. Susie (Practical Penumbra) occupies the spot currently and she is a strong contender to retain it. How can you knock her back to the main Blogroll? Simple; link to this site then link again and again and again, etc.. Link to stories, the main site, what ever you want. You’re entered automatically with each link as long as your site gets spidered by the TTLB Ecosystem and Technorati. I award the Permaroll spot weekly to the site with the most combined entries in the two indices. Simple and fair…

The contest is open to anyone with a blog. In addition, all of the non winners of the contest that is longer than the war in Iraq are invited to participate as well. Why should you participate in this contest as opposed to Franks contest? Well he makes girls cry and has been known to perform ritualistic human sacrifices on entrants.

The Wizbang Permaroll link does have some value. A quick check of the stats reveals that the gap between the sites has narrowed (as of post time):

Ecosystem Rating
IMAO: 30
Wizbang: 88

Traffic Rating
IMAO: 23
Wizbang: 71

I probably won’t get around to tallying the totals until tomorrow morning so there is still time to enter. Remember link until it stops hurting or until the voices in your head subside.

Update: Tiger thinks I’m making people jump through hoops for blogroll links. This is not the case. This contest has noting to do with the main Blogroll. Link lists at Wizbang are sectioned into three main parts, the Permaroll, the Blogroll, and Reciprocal Links. The main listing is the Blogroll. The Blogroll is not the subject of this little contest… The static listing among the “Big Dog” blogs on the Permaroll is what I’m trying to have some fun with in this contest.

My policy on the Blogroll is simple; I link to sites that I visit. The best way to get me to visit is to send a trackback or comment on a post. Also I link to everyone who blogrolls me. Everyone who blogrolls me gets a link on the Reciprocal Link list. Most of those sites are added to the Blogroll as well.

Update 2: It was close, but Susie holds onto the link for another week. Pixy Misa was a close 2nd, but hey he got a spot on the USS Clueless blogroll so don’t feel too sorry for him.

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  3. Tiger August 2, 2003
  4. Pixy Misa August 4, 2003