Group Navel Gazing

Here is the list I submitted for Right Wing New’s latest contest: Bloggers Select The Great Movies Of All Time.

The Godfather
The Godfather II
Gone With The Wind
The Graduate
On The Waterfront
The Bridge On The River Kwai
Star Wars
Animal House
The Sting
North By Northwest
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
Apocalypse Now
Full Metal Jacket
Manchurian Candidate
The Natural
Bull Durham
Field Of Dreams
A Clockwork Orange

Notice that I overloaded the list with a few baseball movies and classic comedies. This strategy seems to work in these kinds of polls as Animal House made the honorable mention list. In hindsight I would have picked a western (Unforgiven) and a few more Hollywood classics and dropped two of the baseball movies and one of the Vietnam flicks. I also seriously considered leaving Star Wars off the list because I knew that science fiction would be overrepresented… I was right.

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